Help Akron DSA Get to the National Convention in Atlanta!

From August 2-4, 2019, the Democratic Socialists of America will host their biennial national convention in Atlanta, Georgia. During this convention, members from chapters across the nation will gather together to discuss the direction of the organization in the next two years and what priorities to take on. Due to an increase in membership, our chapter has been allotted two delegates and one alternate. While some funding is available from national to help ensure that cost does not prohibit attendance, local fundraising is the most reliable and effective way to make sure our delegates make it to Atlanta.

Our first deadline is approaching quickly – delegates must be registered for the conference by July 1, 2019. If we register both allotted delegates and alternate, it will cost $263 per person (if they have to pay the full registration fee). Once that hurdle is cleared, we have to raise funds for travel costs and accommodations. So far, the generosity of our members and followers has raised $240 toward our goal!

Visit our ActBlue account and make a donation today – $1, $5, or $20 can help us meet our goals!

Share our fundraising link on social media to help raise funds and awareness – help Akron DSA represent the Rust Belt at the DSA National Convention!

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