Solidarity with UMWA Striking Mineworkers

By Stephanie Baker and Heather Hillenbrand

Every worker deserves a fair wage, benefits, and the protection of a union. When union workers go on strike, they are standing up not only for themselves but also for improving the conditions of workers everywhere. Many do not know that union miners in Alabama have been fighting Warrior Met Coal and the anti-worker legal system to defend workers’ rights in the longest strike in Alabama history. For 10 months, the UMWA Locals 2245, 2397, 2368, and 2427 of Brookwood and Bessemer, Alabama have been on strike with minimal media coverage. These miners made significant concessions to keep their jobs in 2016 and worked difficult, dangerous jobs throughout the most uncertain times of the pandemic. Though the company has had record profits, Warrior Met has not made good with the workers who kept the doors from permanently closing. Business-driven politics continue to threaten the rights of workers to organize, unionize, and lead dignified lives at work. We must stand up for the right of everyone to organize and support those who are taking a stand. Please support the UMWA strike fund,, write letters of support to the striking workers, make social media posts in support, and tell your elected officials that you vote for workers’ rights to organize. From Ohio to Alabama, this country was built by workers, and everything we have today comes from our labor. We all deserve fair treatment at our jobs! 

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