Akron DSA Statement on Jayland Walker’s Murderers Returning to Work

It has been more than 100 days since Jayland Walker was murdered at the hands of eight officers of the Akron Police Department. In the 100 days, they received paid time off, they have enjoyed anonymity, and they have not stood trial for the killing. There is a need for law enforcement in all communities, but policing as we know it does more harm than good. Our police system is corrupt, structurally racist, and lacking in accountability — as we’re seeing evidenced by the return to work of the eight cops who murdered Jayland Walker. 

Police Chief Mylett cites a staffing need in his decision to return these officers to work, saying he does not want to cut police services in Akron. We do in fact want the police to scale back. Police make our communities less safe: Indirectly, through the massive funding we give them that is needed elsewhere, and directly, through the crimes they commit themselves, which almost always go unpunished.

Akron Police have killed a total of nine individuals to date in 2022. They do not deserve anonymity or other special protection. Akron DSA calls for the police to face the same basic accountability that anyone in any other job would face if they killed or murdered another individual. These cops need to stand trial. We need justice for Jayland Walker.

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