Recent Articles by Akron DSA

Find some of our most recent articles written by members. Contact our Communications Committee if you’re interested in contributing to our work!

What does a socialist want for Christmas? Democratic ownership of the means of production? A revitalized labor movement? How about Solidarity for Christmas! Read a poem by Akron DSA member Rick Feinberg to get in the socialist holiday spirit.

Professor emeritus of Anthropology at Kent State University, Akron DSA member and AAUP member Dr. Rick Feinberg discusses the rise of conspiracy theories compounded by capitalism and the fascist insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th. Read the full article here.

Co-Chair of Akron DSA and SEIU Local 1 Executive Board Member Heather Hillenbrand visited the picket line in Battle Creek, MI where Kellogg’s workers had been on strike for months. Hear their experience talking to workers on strike and how we, as socialists, can be involved in the labor movement! Read the full article here.

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