Solidarity for Christmas

By Rick Feinberg 

It was right before Christmas all over the state, But down in the city, they just couldn’t wait. 

The sacks and the cartons were scattered around, Awaiting the presents that soon would abound. 

The mommies and daddies, the girls and the boys Were gathered together and thinking of ploys 

To entice all the elves and the man with the sleigh To slide down their chimneys before the next day. 

But they had lots of reason for worry that night For all of the reindeer had gone out on strike. 

Santa called Avis and Hertz Rent-A-Car 

But they said, “Closed for Christmas; you’re not getting far!” 

The gears were a mess on his eighteen-speed bike, And his bunions were hurting too much for a hike. 

So he saddled his moose and he rode it to town With his satchel of goodies and jacket of down. 

Then from deep in the city arose a great noise 

As they hatched a great plan to deliver the toys. 

They’d send letters to Santa and picket his place. Show him posters and signs, and a pie in the face. 

They would withhold their coffee and cookies and shots Until he came through with the gifts for their tots. 

Then they shouted in unison never to fear, 

And they struck in support of Herr Claus’s reindeer. 

When Santa saw how they were closing the ranks, He knew he could not get away with his pranks. 

So he turned to old Dasher and Dancer, et al. 

Saying, “Don’t let my empire crumble and fall.”

I will meet your demands. I will charter a plane, And I’ll make you all partners in my Christmas game 

If you’ll help me deliver the presents tonight 

To the folks of the city, so plastered and tight. 

At that all the people applauded and clapped 

For they know that their presents could soon be unwrapped. 

And they shouted and cheered and their smiles were all bright. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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