Frequently Asked Questions

What is Akron DSA?

Our goal is to make Akron a better place for everyone through grassroots activism rooted in socialist ideals. We work closely with local organizations and community members to aid those in need and fight for material wins for the multiracial working class in our area. We are an official Democratic Socialists of America chapter. Democratic socialists believe that our economy should be built democratically, by and for working people, not by billionaires for profit.

How do I sign up?

Fill out this form so we can stay in touch! To become an Akron DSA dues paying member, fill out this form.

Where and when are meetings held?

Due to COVID 19, all formal meetings and events like general meetings and town halls are currently on Zoom. We take safety seriously. We have in-person events as well, including canvasses, socials, and solidarity actions. We take COVID precautions for all in-person events.

Do I have to pay dues to be in Akron DSA?

Being involved does not require dues, but dues-paying members get to vote in our elections and vote on other internal matters. Being a monthly dues-paying member also sends part of that money directly to our chapter! We use this money strictly for things our chapter members desire. There are also more affordable options.

Where does chapter get funding?

We mainly get our money from monthly dues-paying members. We also have the option of receiving single donations from community members. We occasionally hold fundraisers and sell merchandise as well.

What is Slack?

Slack is where we organize and discuss! Read more here including how to join.

How do I get updates?

Once you fill out our initial contact form, you will receive emails from us. Check to make sure they are not going to your spam folder! We are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can find a calendar of events on our website as well and check out our Linktree

What are the rules?

We ask members to be comradely to each other! You can read more about our code of conduct here.

What have you done?

Akron DSA has hosted protests, pop-up food pantries, letter and phone campaigns, petitions, and electoral actions. We were central to the anti-fracking campaign win involving LaDue Reservoir and have been featured in numerous media pieces. We aim to make Akron a greater place for the working class.

Are you involved in any political campaigns?

Yes. We have an endorsement process that candidates can go through who share our ideals. We are not directly involved with any political parties but understand the process candidates go through.

I’m not getting any emails from you.

Check your spam folder! Action Network emails sometimes go there! Still having an issue? Email us at [email protected]

Who is in charge?

Membership is! We are a democratically run organization that holds regular votes on issues. We annually hold steering elections as well. Our steering committee helps guide our fight for the working class. You can read more about our steering committee here.

I used to be an active member but stopped for a while. How can I get involved again?

We would love to see you again! Just attend an event to check back in and we can assist you further from there. You can email us any time at [email protected] and be sure to follow us on social media and check our website.

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