Akron DSA – Solidarity with Nick Cacioppo & Serve the People

Akron DSA stands in solidarity with local activist Nick Cacioppo in their fight for their first amendment rights. We condemn the Akron Police Department and its use of power and money to intimidate members of our community through legal assaults.

Serve the People raised public concern about a tattoo seen in an image of an APD officer; other community members, including Cacioppo, shared this concern. The tattoo depicted the symbol of the Three Percenters, an American and Canadian far-right, anti-government militia movement labeled as a terrorist entity by Canada. Individuals who serve the public must be held accountable and Cacioppo’s actions were well within his First Amendment rights. APD has chosen to take legal action against Cacioppo, creating personal and financial hardship for a member of our community committed to fighting for justice. 

This is just one example of the overfunded Akron police department participating in the oppression of the multiracial working class to maintain authority and power. Akron DSA demands these charges be dropped against Nick Cacioppo. We also call for the defunding of the Akron Police Department and reinvestment in the community. 

As we work towards a future beyond the carceral capitalist state, we recommit to fighting police brutality in all its forms, including harassment, censorship, eviction, and physical violence. In order for us to truly be safe, the carceral system must be abolished and our commitment to restorative justice over punitive measures is integral in this fight.

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